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    January 2023 Van Buren Community Connection Mag

    January 2023 CCVB Community Connection Mag

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    November 2022 Van Buren Community Connection Magazine

  • Serving 3 great counties in Michigan! Kalamazoo, Calhoun, and Van Buren. As a business owner, it’s important you connect with your community and reach your target audience. You have a message and we want to help you spread it. Community Connection Magazine can help you do just that, get your word out!

    Delivered via the US Postal Service to more than 10,000 local home and business owners every other month, Community Connection puts your business and your message in front of your community. Whether your business is brand new or has been around for years, consistency in keeping your name in front of potential customers is key. Let us help by consistently and effectively spreading your message and keeping your business top of mind!